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In the Land of Women


Not too complicated love story about a writer of soft porn (Adam Brody) who takes a break from his job following the break up with the love of his life by spending time at his grandmother's house.  There he meets the woman across the street (Meg Ryan) who has a mess of issues.  Brody seems to have the ability to get people to confide in him.  That's why Ryan's daughter (Kristen Stewart) does the same.  He hears both ends and offers his advice while considering both sides of the debate.

The relationships become complicated and then more complicated by other circumstances in Ryan's and Brody's lives.  Whew.  I guess that's what happens in The Land of Women.

In the end, the story is good.  Entertaining enough to keep you into the film (many films like this can lose you early only not to return.


Adam Brody and Kristen Stewart in Warner Bros. Pictures' In the Land of Women




Shia LaBeouf and Carrie Ann Moss star in this suspense thriller about Kale (LaBeouf), a troubled teen who, during his house arrest, learns quite a bit about his neighbors... including a guy (David Morse) who he thinks is a murderer.  During the course of his voyeuristic activities he meets Ashley (Sarah Roemer), the girl from next door.  Together they assemble a stakeout.  Ashley considers it good fun.  Kale thinks trouble is brewing.

Plenty of red herrings along the way in this one.  Enough to keep you guessing, right to the end.

LaBeouf does a fine job in this and is turning into a good actor.  All grown up and no place to go but to the top.

Well written, adventurous and, often, suspenseful, you'll have a good time at this movie.  Thumbs up.


Blades of Glory


Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star in this hilarious farce about the world of male figure skating.  Ferrell is Chazz Michael Michaels, the rock star of figure skating.  Heder stars as Jimmy MacElroy, the darling of figure skating.  The two are rivals, to the point where they get into a fist fight and subsequently banned from the sport.  But wait.  The coach (Craig T. Nelson) discovers a loop hole in the rules that allow the skaters back in the game as the first all male pairs skating team. 

While the evolution of the relationship of the two enemies is predictable, it is none-the-less really funny.  You might expect that the story focuses on the struggle of masculinity of two guys skating together but it rarely comes up.  Most of all we tend to be embarrassed for the stars even though they don't seem to be.

Will Ferrell is one funny guy.  Thumbs up.




Blockbuster epic period piece about the famous battle of the Spartans who take on the massive Persian army.  How does millions vs. 300 sound?  Facing rediculous odds, King Leonidas takes his best to Thermopylae to stop King Xerxes from defying democracy.

Sounds like an impossible task, but the brave 300 assemble a plan of brilliance that has to be seen to be understood.

The cinematography is stunning and while violent it is a masterpiece.  Thumbs way up.


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