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Movie review summaries

300 (masterful)                                            up (03/07) 

A Night in the Museum (good comeback)  up (01/07) 

Apocalypto (genius)                                     up (12/06) 

Art School Confidential (good dark comedy) up (05/06)

Babel (Oscar worthy)                                    up (01/07) 

Bad News Bears (boring and bad acting)  down (07/05)

Batman Begins (decent story)                    up (08/05)

Blades of Glory (more funny Ferrell)          up (03/07)

Borat (insultingly funny)                             up (11/06)

Brokeback Mountain (unlikeable char.)    down (02/06)

Charlotte's Web (The spider dies)             down (01/07)

Children of Men (Tell me why again?)       down (12/06)

Clerks II (more overrated Kevin Smith)   down (08/06)

Click (too dark)                                            down (06/06)

Crank (hold on to your hats)                       up (09/06)

Disturbia (suspenseful)                               up (04/07)

Eight Below (you'll cry)                               up (02/06)

Employee of the Month (no laughs)           down (10/06)

Failure to Launch (horrible)                        down (03/06)

Fantastic Four (boring)                               down (07/05)

Firehouse Dog (really stupid)                     down (03/07) 

Firewall (silly crime)                                    down (03/06)

Glory Road (inspired)                                   up (01/06)

Good Night and Good Luck (uninteresting) down (02/06)

Hollywoodland (sluggish)                            down (09/06)

Ice Harvest (disconnected)                         down (11/05)

In the Land of Women (good story)            up (04/07) 

Invincible (feels good)                                 up (08/06)

King Kong (unusual love story)                   up (12/05)

Land of the Dead (decent Romero)             up (07/05)

Little Miss Sunshine (abnormally normal)  up (08/06)

Lucky Number Slevin (silly ending)            down (04/06)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (good Pitt comedy)      up (07/05)

Night at the Museum (wish it were true)   up (02/07)

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (not as edgy)    down (07/06)

Poseidon (worst than the original)             down (05/06)

Premonition (love that time stuff)              up (04/07) 

Shop Girl (excellent screenplay)                 up (11/05)

Skeleton Key (bad ending blows it)            down (08/05)

Smokin' Aces (Hitmen unite)                       down (01/07)

Stay (confusing)                                           down (10/05)

Stick It (gets lost along the way)                down (04/06)

Stranger Than Fiction                                    up (11/06)

Talladega Nights (not funny enough)         down (08/06)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (raunchy laughs)    up (08/05

The Break Up (just not that funny)              down (06/06) 

The Chronicles of Narnia (good C.S. Lewis)up (12/05)

The Da Vinci Code (Ron Howard quality)    up (05/06)

The Departed (compelling characters)        up (11/06)

The Descent (scary)                                      up (08/06)

The Devil Wears Prada (light hearted)        up (06/06)

The Family Stone (entertaining)                  up (01/06)

The Fountain (no payoff)                              down (11/06)

The Guardian (get a load of the ending)     down (10/06)

The Grudge 2 (too many plots)                    down (10/06)

The Lady in the Water (chaotic madness)   down (08/06)

The Lake House (more holes than a target) down (06/06)

The Last Kiss (good acting)                           up (10/06)

The Last Mimzy (good fun)                            up (3/07)

The Omen (why bother?)                              down (06/06)

The Pursuit of Happyness (moving)             up (12/06)

The Santa Clause 3 (a lump of coal)            down (11/06)

X-Men: The Final Stand (Thumbs way up)  up (05/05

Underworld: Evolution (too many holes)    down (01/06)

United 93 (intense)                                       up (04/06)

Walk the Line (good performances)            up (11/05)

War of the Worlds (good effects)                up (07/05)

Wedding Crashers (hilarious)                      up (07/05)

Wolf Creek (low budget and it shows)       down (12/05)

Zathura (those annoying kids)                    down (11/05